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 Tell the State Department: Call it an “invasion”!

We, the American Hellenic Council stand with other Greek-American organizations, like the Hellenic American Leadership Council, in their demand that the U.S. State Department use the appropriate terminology when addressing the illegal invasion and continued occupation of Cyprus.

Please sign our petition to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Chairman Ed Royce of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, asking that the State Department as a whole use the appropriate terms in referencing Turkey’s invasion and occupation of Cyprus. 






Turkey MUST honor its signature!

Turkey MUST honor its signature!

We are the American Hellenic Council, Americans of Greek descent, who, because of our ancestry, keep a vigilant eye on the crisis raging in the Eastern Mediterranean. As Americans, we feel that our interests are best served by all countries observing the rules of international law, so that peace and stability may prevail in that most important for the world area.

The President of Turkey, Tayip Erdogan, has challenged the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923, which ended a war between Turkey and Greece. Lets stand up and make a point!

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With the 2016 Rio Games behind us, it’s time to look forward with a solution to the continued problems that come with selecting a new host city every four years; among them, billions of wasted dollars in infrastructure and the personal and political costs associated with hosting thousands of athletes from across the world.

The conclusion of this year’s games witnessed a chorus of columnists, publications, and pundits calling for the permanent return of the games to Greece, where it all began. Click below to add your name to the notion of bringing the games home for good!






In his recent comments regarding the Greek Financial Crisis, Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew stated that he hoped “[the recent regional upheaval] would change the climate in which discussions of debt relief happen…at a time when Greece is in a position [of] geopolitical significance that’s a good time to reinforce their fiscal future.”

Now is the opportunity to build off of Secretary Lew’s comments. Tell your members of Congress that he is not alone in this position and urge them to sign onto his calls for debt relief. It is important to have members of Congress be vocal in the incorporation of debt relief as a long-term solution to the Greek Financial Crisis.

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