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Welcome to the American Hellenic Council! The AHC is a non-partisan political advocacy organization that aims to promote democracy, human rights, peace, and stability in Southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, with an emphasis on Greece and Cyprus, by informing the American public and public officials about on-going issues and conflicts in the area and about the threat arising from the economic crisis in Greece.

Since its inception, the American Hellenic Council has been the focal point of political activities of Greek Americans in California. The AHC has become an effective and respected political advocacy group whose primary purpose is to educate and inform the U.S. Congress for the protection and promotion of Greek-American interests. During its existence, the American Hellenic Council has supported numerous Hellenic issues and has expressed support for members of Congress that understand and subscribe to our causes.

Please take a look around our website and feel free to reach out to us!


Dr. Menas Kafatos

Chairman of the Board of Directors