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Kalos Orisate ~ Καλὡς Ορἱσατε


American Hellenic Council

Welcome to the American Hellenic Council…


I am pleased that you have taken a moment to visit our website.  As the new Executive Director for the American Hellenic Council, it is an honor to represent this wonderful organization and its illustrious history of 40 years.

From the 1974 crisis in Cyprus, which brought together a dedicated group of individuals to educate the political leaders in the United States, to the current problems that affect our homeland of Greece, the American Hellenic Council has been the focal point of political activities for Greek Americans in California.

The AHC has been an effective and respected political advocacy group whose purpose was to inform the U.S. Congress about issues promoting and protecting Greek American interests. But with a renewed focus and vision for the future, our Board of Directors has expanded our programs and opportunities for the preservation of Hellenism in our community.

If you are not already a member of the AHC, I invite you to JOIN and become part of this respected organization TODAY.

Kalos Orisate!

Kathy Konst, Executive Director


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